Fat Tony’s Pizza

It’s been a while since I’ve been out for pizza. But on this day, my friend and lunch buddy, L, said she was in the mood for pizza. She had originally suggested Frankie’s but I suggested we try someplace new, Fat Tony’s Pizza.  Kirk (mmm-yoso) did a review earlier in the year (here) and I’ve been meaning to try it. I see their sign all the time when the Mister and I eat at Ba Ren next door and each time I say, “I need to try that for lunch one day.”

L and I had debated what to order and I even went to their online menu to help us decide. But it didn’t since when we got there just a bit after they opened, we stood in front of the menu board and pondered some more.


L wanted to order the 14″ pizza to share but I was dubious about whether we would be able to finish off a 14″ pizza. The gentleman behind the counter told us about the $5 and $7 lunch specials and that he has a pizza that’s ready to come out of the oven which he can put any kind of toppings on it for us. Since I rarely eat more than a couple of pieces of pizza, we thought the special was the way to go. I got the 2 slices with soda ($5) with pepperoni and mushrooms ($1 per each additional topping), making my meal exactly $7. L decided to have the beer special, 2 slices and a beer for $7. She chose the IPA She also got the same 2 toppings as me, making her meal exactly $9. Here is a not-so-good shot of the piping hot slices. Sorry the light in the place was off and my phone camera just sucks. Oh yeah, L had taken a piece before I could get a shot of them. 


Good amount of toppings, loved the mushrooms. The cheese was all gooey and tongue-burning hot. I was all ready to expect a more crunchy crust like Kirk had described and it would have been fine for me. But we were pleasantly surprised that the crust was not crunchy (you know, like a brick oven type crust) and it was perfect for folding like a real NY style pizza. The sauce had a good tang to it, nice flavor and the crust had a very decent taste and texture. A decent amount of grease that one would expect on a good NY style pizza. Actually, the sizes of the 2 slices is almost equivalent to 3 slices on some pizza I’ve gotten. It was a very filling and satisfying lunch for under $10 per person (and one of us had beer!). We were quite stuffed as we drove back to work. It’s always nice to have another new place to add to the lunch rotation.

Fat Tony’s Pizza
4973 Diane Ave.
San Diego, CA 92117
(858) 268-7700

Open 7 Days a Week
11 AM – 9:30 PM

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend. I know I will!

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    • Hi Kirk! I compared the crust edge on your picture to mine and there is definitely a difference. It looks like the slices in yours were baked a little longer, kind of what happens to my homemade pizza when I bake it just a bit too long. I don’t think it’s the thinness since it looks like yours had a decent edge.

      I’s also wondering if crust would have been crunchier if the pieces we got wasn’t straight from the oven but rather a reheat. I’d be interested to know if you taste any difference now from your last visit.

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