Kitchen Remodel – Week 8

Sorry for the lack of posts this past week. It’s been crazy busy here at home as we move into the home stretch. But you know like that scene when Willie Mays Hayes (Weslie Snipes) goes in for a head first slider and misses the base? Yeah, that’s where we’re at right now. Major fuck-up by my sales rep at Standards of Excellence with the refrigerator install. The one thing that could have brought the progress to a screeching halt, she did. I’ve got 2 gigantic boxes sitting in my hallway because she forgot to order the merging kit to install them. The worst thing about this is that there’s been a few things I’ve caught that were wrong with my order (their mistake, not mine) that I’ve already caught and had them fix. And I’m pissed at myself for not catching this one.

Anyway, the good news is that the *rest* of the kitchen is all functional. The pantry shelves have been built and they look fantastic! I’m in the process of putting a polyurethane/stain coat on them and will post a pic of it when I’m done. Last touches are being done, with some minor stuff that still need to be done once the refrigeration system gets in! So here’s a shot of it with the old kitchen’s stool.

The box under the island is my Mirage speakers box. Those babies went up this weekend! Sounds good, will be better once I get the subwoofer hooked up. TV is all hooked up so now we can watch tv downstairs. Best part is that we were able to move out of the kitchenette this weekend!

Yes, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter! Now if I can just breakout into full light…

A short list of meals from last week since I can’t remember everything right now:

  • Cin Cin! (hopefully a review to come)
  • Sab-e-Lee
  • Hot dogs with Thai Papaya Salad
  • Carl’s Jr. (way too many times in one week)
  • Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday this week and that Santa brings you everything on your wish list!


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