Homestyle Korean BBQ

This post is for my friend, L. A while ago, her and I were talking about the idea of getting an electric indoor grill for at-home Korean BBQ meals. She was really digging the idea almost as much as me. But then again, she loves Korean BBQ as much as I do.

So recently I decided to just do it because and the Mister wanted to see just how this would work. He had his doubts but he was hoping it would be the solution for those times he wanted K-BBQ but didn’t feel like going out for it. And for the price, about half of what would cost us for dinner at Buga, it was worth the price of admission.

So off to the markets we went. I ended up getting some marinated beef rib eye (left) and boneless short ribs (right) from Zion since it made prep a bit easier.

I also got some panchan:

Some items of note: the item in the left picture above in the larger bowl is tako sunomono that I threw together. The item in blue bowl in the picture on the right is jelly fish. A short story about jelly fish. I saw the jelly fish at 99 Ranch and really wanted to get it. Thank goodness it was in a smaller container since I didn’t think the Mister would eat it. The Mister tried jelly fish a couple of years ago and well,  say he didn’t enjoy it…at all. I now think it was because of the preparation and I recall it wasn’t the best I’ve ever had. But this one from 99 Ranch, I really enjoyed. And after some coaxing from me, the Mister tried and turns out, he really liked it. Heck, the way he was going on about how good it was, I was afraid he was going to eat all my jelly fish!

Anyway, the indoor grill worked great. Dinner turned out really good. The Mister said it was as good and that dinner like this would satisfy any craving he would have to head out to Buga.  The only thing he really wants to find now are those rice wrappers that Buga uses. Oh yeah, and the clean-up was not bad either since the grill top was non-stick, which made it pretty easy to clean. Now if I could just install an exhaust fan above the island…

Okay, L. I tested it and it worked. Now just go out and do it!


    • Hi Kirk! hehe, yeah, clean up in general can deter me from cooking something. Thanks on the tip for the rice wrappers. I figured Zion would have it and I just have to look for it. I’ll check it out the next time I’m there…early.

  1. Your Korean bbq spread looks very restaurant-like! Was the indoor grille easy to clean? How was the smoke factor? Did it set off any of your smoke alarms? I have the ol’ school George Foreman grille :)

    I’m glad to hear the Mister liking jellyfish. I, myself, can’t stomach it but I’m not sure if it’s more a mental thing or I tried a bad sample all those years back.

    Nice post!

    • Hi Faye and thanks! There was some smoke, as much as there would be with any kind of meat on a heating element. Certainly not enough to set off the smoke alarm. Might have if the smoke alarm was dirrectly above it. The whole house did smell like a BBQ restaurant. Wait, is that a bad thing? :-)

      The grill was actually very easy to clean since the surface is non-stick. I used an SOS Tuffy nylon scrubber, which took everything off pretty easily. I (the Mister) spent more time cleaning up the dishes actually, hehe.

      Yeah, I had to talk the Mister past the mental thing to try the jellyfish. Although he liked it, doubt it’s something he’ll “crave” for, ya’ know? ;-)

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