Big Joy Family Bakery & Café

After our interesting lunch at Nam An, we popped over to Big Joy Family Bakery & Cafe for some sweets. I had wanted to stop by since I had just read Kirbie’s review that morning and saw those beautiful macarons.  I told CC about them so she was gamed to check them out.

There were all sorts of cakes on display. All looked so good and some were just beautiful

I got a few things from the pastry section. I forgot to take pictures of most of them before they were all eaten. But here’s are the ones I did remember. This was just straight bun, no filling with a cheesy-custardy thingy on top. Not very sweet. It was just okay. I found the bun to be a bit dry.

I got two slices of cakes, a strawberry and cream for me and a coconut cake for the Mister. He liked it but I thought the cake was a bit dry. The strawberry cake was on the dry side too. I much preferred their Castella cake by the slice, which was really moist.

But the real winner and the main reason why I wanted to stop by was for these babies, macarons! When I read on Kirbie’s post that they had red velvet macarons, I was so there. Oh these did not disappoint. I’ve been disappointed in the past and these made the ones I got from Opera Cafe & Patisserie seem like amateur night. Actually there hasn’t been any pastries from Opera Cafe that I’ve really liked so the bar wasn’t set to high. But BJFBC has now completely spoiled me. I can see how someone could obsess over these wonderful little perfect macarons with the nice crunchy outer shell and a deliciously chewy inside. Clockwise from top left: pistachio (my third favorite), hazelnut (my second favorite), red velvet (my absolute favorite and still craving for), and blueberry (4th).

The flavors of the filling matched well to each of the shell flavors. So  now I understand the whole obsession with macarons. Yikes, I have the bug now. Gotta see if I can make some of these myself. But it’s okay if I fail because I can just come here to fix my cravings.

Big Joy Family Bakery & Café
4176 Convoy St., Suite A & B
San Diego, CA 92111.
Phone. 1-858-627-0888
Tue – Thur. 9:30 A.M. ~ 9:00 P.M.
Fri – Sat. 9:30 A.M. ~ 10:00 P.M.
Sun. 11:30 A.M. ~ 6:00 P.M.
Monday : CLOSED


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  1. hi c – went there fri nite w/famly and again sat afternoon w/friends. omfg, 3x in 1 week! ha ha. well, i had to get their macarons again. they have a new one for halloween only. the shells are black but the filling is red (raspberry). also tried their mochacino coffee. i am normally not a hot coffee drinker but this was really really good. so smooth and rich. bert’s coffee the other night had caramel and he said it was one of the best he’s had. they serve their coffee in really nice china (mikasa) too so that is a nice touch.

    happy happy joy joy!

  2. I love the macs! Heehee. This is the first place with a red velvet one that I’ve liked. My cakes were okay but not the best. I actually wasn’t a fan of the castella cake. It was moist but I didn’t think it tasted like castella cake.

    • Hi Kirbie! On man I’ve been daydreaming about those red velvet macs. I probably wouldn’t get the cakes unless there was a interesting flavor or something. The castella. I think was more of a Korean version. I prefer Japanese castella cakes but this one wasn’t too bad for a light cake.

      Maybe we should all get together for some coffee and macs here one day.

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