La Crepe Fraiche

After CC, TC and I had lunch at Nazca Grill, we headed just north to Sorrento Valley area to visit La Crepe Fraiche. Mary of foodies: a southern california food blog wrote about her visits here so we had some ideas as to what we wanted to try. Check out CC’s post on our visit (her pictures are way better).

We got there just after the lunch rush so parking wasn’t a big problem. I used to eat in the food court that La Crepe Fraiche is located quite often when I used to work in the area. The place is small but had a few tables inside and outside.

We ended up getting 4 cupcakes and CC used a coupon to get a crepe to share and a frozen yogurt for TC. I liked their selections of frozen yogurt. Flavors: peach mango, pistachio, chocolate, vanilla

Dulce de leche, red velvet, raspberry pomegranate, mango

There are also fresh fruit and other stuff as well as dry condiments to add to the yogurt.


CC selected the pear and chocolate crepe for us to share. This was pretty good and I loved the crunchy edges of the crepe.

Here are three of the four cupcakes that we got. From top right counterclockwise: almond, strawberry, passion fruit. These were quite good. The passion fruit frosting was very passionate and the strawberry was very berry.

Here’s another shot from the other side so you can see how cute the almond petal cupcake is.

Here is the fourth cupcake, which we got for free (buy 3 get 4th one free). This is the chocolate mousse cupcake. I liked the chocolate mousse and paired with cupcake reminded me very much of tiramisu.

We didn’t finish everything and ended up taking half of everything home to enjoy later.

La Crepe Fraiche
9430 Scranton Rd., Suite 107
San Diego, CA 92121
Monday – Saturday 7:30 am to 7:00 pm

La Crêpe Fraîche on Urbanspoon


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