Monday Ramblings

Can you believe this week is Thanksgiving already??? Holy crap. It’s been a bit busy lately and I was under the weather a while back so this month is just flying by. I finally got a chance to sit down and go through the memory card and clean out some pictures. Here are some things I’ve been munching lately.

Before I caught a cold, I made some sun dried tomato and basil baguette using this recipe. With it was some mighty tasty pastrami sandwiches (pastrami courtesy of Costco).

And before that, I made another batch of Red Velvet Macarons. I played around with the colors using coloring gel. I liked the way the “dark purple” turned out although the picture makes it look blue. I also played around some more with heart shaped ones.

Heehee, here’s a picture of the meringue after whipping to firm peaks. Yup, you know you’ve got firm peaks when you can turn the bowl upside down and it holds.

I also experimented with some pork sung and biscuit dough I had, making my own pork sung bun.

So these weren’t as good (no even close) as the ones I got from Pangea, but it was okay for in a pinch. What it lacked was a touch of sweet that makes the Pangea ones so yummy. A sweeter dough would have been waaay better taste-wise but these did turn out pretty cute and really simple. I smooshed the biscuit dough flat, put a heap of pork sung in the middle, smooshed another flat dough on top, sealed, baked, voila. Mediocre pork sung buns in a flash.

Hope you’re all staying dry and warm. Thank goodness we’re in a drying out period for a few days from last night’s rain.


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