South Bay Food Crawl Part 4 – Tijuana Seafood Bar Mariscos La Cacho

I’m going a little out of order since Tijuana Seafood Bar was actually the fourth stop. We joked about what the blue fishy thingy looked like that’s on the side of the wall. We thought it looked like a Morey eel. It was quite spacious inside with a full bar. After we placed our order, the accoutrement was brought to our table.

Here are the manta ray tacos. These were quite fishy and not sure if I’d get these again..

Here’s are the three fish tacos we shared. The fish was decent size, nicely fried and flaky. I really enjoyed these.

We also ordered fish ceviche tostadas. These were really good too and I loved the avocados on top.

Yum, fish taco!

And to end the meal, some Bubbaloo bubble gum. It’s been a long time since I’ve have bubble gum.

You can read more and see more pictures about our meal on CC’s post here. You can also read Cathy’s visit from mid-2011 here.

Tijuana Seafood Bar Mariscos La Cacho
3120 Main St
(between Fresno Ave & 3rd Ave)
Chula Vista, CA 91911






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