Fish Boutique


Since Canine Cologne is always faster at posting our lunches than I am, I will let the picture do most of the talking for our visit to Fish Boutique. You can read her post here. Some pics from the outside.


And more swank.

Even the fish store side has swank.

As did our food. The fried calamari was really good. The “ragu” (I think that’s what the waiter called it) was different and pretty good.

Fish and chips done very well with three dipping options: ketchup (mostly for the fries), tartar sauce (I think it looks made in-house), and cocktail sauce.

Grilled tiger prawns with confetti rice (I can’t remember the exact name of this). Thank goodness CC and TC helped me finish this. Those prawns were huge and that’s a whole lotta rice.

We thought about getting dessert there but decided that we would save ourselves for our next stop.

Fish Boutique
9844 Hibert Street Ste G-10
San Diego California 92131


    • Hi Kirbie! I enjoyed the food although I’m on the fence about the service. Our server was okay but he never came back around to refill my water glass, which really irritates me. The chef, however, did come out to see if we liked the food. I would go back there though.

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