And Then Dessert

After CC, TC and I had lunch, we decided to get some dessert. We ended up at Sorrento European Bakery first (well, second since our first choice was still closed for the holidays).

A sign in front of the store.

A shot of the baked goods.

And some more.

Here’s what I got. The chocolate mousse-y thingy on the left (very good), then a mango cake in the middle (just so-so), and a strawberry coconut cake on the right for the Mister (it was delicious!).

CC got this, Paris Wafflor, which we shared. So light and the filling was fluffy.

And these, coconut meringue for TC (she shared too and I thought it was good), and the Swedish Damsugar (also known as the Swedish vacuum cleaner), which is the chocolate/green thingy. I liked the wafflor the best out of these three.

We then finished up by going back to La Crepe Fraiche since CC had a coupon. TC and I went with frozen yogurt.

CC got a yummy strawberry cupcake. It’s so good!

We certainly had our fill of sweets that day! You can read CC’s post on our visits here and here.



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