And Then the Present

It always seem like my birthday whenever I meet CC for lunch since she always has a gift for me. This time, it really was a (early) birthday present.  Look! A cookbook! And it’s my very first Filipino cookbook (Authentic Recipes from the Philippines)!

I’ve been drooling over CC’s Pancit Bihon since her post last year (and another here). We’ve talked about it a bit here and there and although I love pancit bihon, I’ve never made it at home before. Well, she’s giving me ammo to start. No, sorry, I haven’t made it yet but Chinese New Year is coming up (Jan. 23) so that’s my plan. Look how pretty the inside cover is.

There are so many recipes in this cookbook, many I’ve never had or heard of but my knowledge of Filipino food is pretty limited. But cookbook provides quite a bit of information.

I love the pictures!

And to make sure I start off correctly, CC even made sure I had the right kind of rice sticks to make my first pancit bihon.

Okay, no excuses now. I will make my first pancit bihon. Really, I will.


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