Bob Sang Korean BBQ & Tofu (Fremont)

On a recent trip up to the Bay Area, I was really craving Korean food and after some digging around, I decided to stop by Bob San Korean BBQ & Tofu in Fremont. I didn’t want to stray too far from San Jose and although there are lots of options between San Jose and Fremont, I chose BSK BBQ since it got decent reviews on Yelp. And it was AYCE!

We got there around 6:15 pm and the place was packed! But we didn’t wait long since timing was with us that evening. We got a table in the back corner. Since I already knew what to order, we didn’t spend too much time on the menu. We decided to go with the All You Can Eat Korean BBQ. I had a tough choice picking the side dishes and finally went with the Soft Tofu Soup and Steamed Egg.

Right off the bat our panchan came. Standard fair although there were little anchovies that I don’t typically see in SD joints.

Here is the sauteed vegetable noodles, which I enjoyed.

Let’s follow-up with other side dishes.

The dish on the left is the tofu soup and to the right is the steamed egg. Both were just okay. The tofu soup lacked any flavors other than heat but the tofu was good. The steamed egg was okay, nothing extraordinary. I completely forgot to take a picture of the vegetable pancake but we were running out of room on the table and the server ended up dumping the pancake right on top of the vegetable noodles without asking, which annoyed the shit out of me. At least the pancake had a nice flavor and a bit of crunch on the edge which I liked. I didn’t eat a whole lot of the sides since I wanted to save room for the BBQ.

A small burner was brought to the table for the raw meat. No marinade on these. We ended up getting only sliced rib-eye and pork belly. The meat was sliced so thin that it (overcooked) in no time on the cooking plate since it was on too high to start. We didn’t get too many refills of the raw meat. I just realized I forgot to take pictures of the two dipping sauces. Standard fair.

The unlimited precooked BBQ is next.

On the plate to the left (and starting from the left), there’s pork, beef and chicken. The plate to the right is the ribs. A plate of lettuce to go with the meat. None of us liked the BBQ pork but the rest was not bad. The meat was a bit on the sweeter side but I didn’t mind it so much with all the other things together. We each got a bowl of steamed rice, which was cooked very nicely. We got mostly ribs and beef refills.

At $18.99 a person, this wasn’t bad at all. I certainly would go there again if I’m in the area and was starving for Korean BBQ. The service, other than the dumping of the pancake, was good and servers were friendly. They were really good about refilling what we requested. The place certainly does a lot of business because the people kept coming in, lots of families and large parties on that night.

Bob Sang Korean BBQ & Tofu
4185 Cushing Parkway
Fremont, CA


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