Grilled Shrimp with Chile, Cilantro, and Lime

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July holiday. Did anyone do any grilling? When I was at Vallarta Supermarket in Escondido looking for cheek meat for tacos, I saw some nice looking shrimp with heads on. I immediately thought of a recipe in the most recent Bon Appetit magazine for a Malaysian style grilled shrimp that I wanted to try. You can find the recipe here.

I changed a few things in the dipping sauce since I forgot to pick up Anaheim chiles. I used several Serrano chiles and went half-half on the palm sugar and brown sugar. The only palm sugar I had on hand were little hard pucks that were hard to break apart. Man those things are hard. Since the puck wasn’t small enough to use whole, I used what I could break off and subbed brown sugar for the remaining amount. In hind sight, I should have just grated the pucks. I think the sauce would have been even better if I had used all palm sugar but it was still pretty darn tasty.

The shrimp grilled up very fast, a couple of minutes on each side. I decided to skewer the shrimp but I think these were big enough where I really didn’t need to. Served it over steamed rice, yum! According to the recipe, the marinade can be used for all sorts of seafood. I’d like to try this with some squid or even baby octopus. Something worth mentioning, since there’s turmeric in the marinade so if you use your hand to toss, your fingers might turn a little yellow. I used a big spoon.

Definitely adding this to our summer grilling list. Will have to buy a couple of Anaheim pepper plants too so I can grow my own.



    • Hi Chris and thanks for stopping by and commenting. I mentioned in the post that as hindsight, I should have grated the pucks. Unfortunately, these ones weren’t quite the same as the ones that are normally seen at Asian food markets. These were more yellowish than white and definitely harder than ones I’ve used before.

  1. Hi CAB – Looks good. I will often hack off the amount of palm sugar I need then put a couple of drops of water and a couple of seconds(not too long) in the microwave to soften the palm sugar. We’re still working on the batch we brought back from Thailand.

    • Hi Kirk! I think my batch has reached a point of petrifying since I had a hell of a time hacking off a piece with the Chinese cleaver. I envisioned one of my fingers flying across the room at one point. Thanks for the tip on the drops of water and microwave. I’ll try that with the rest of the pucks I have.

  2. I have to try skewering shrimp the way you did in the photo, Carol. I always use only one skewer and try to straighten the curvy shrimp on it (it takes forever). I’ve been experimenting making a tomatillo based sauce with chilis from the yard; palm sugar may be what’s needed.

    • Hi Cathy! The double skewers is kind of a pain but I like the fact that the shrimp doesn’t spin around when I flip them. I like the taste of the palm sugar. It’ll probably go nicely with a tomatillo sauce.

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