My mom used to say when I was a kid, all I can think about was goofing off and eating, not necessarily in that order. But then growning up in Hawaii provided ample opportunity to do both. Not much has changed except now I live in San Diego. Oh yeah, and that working thing adults do sort of gets in the way of the goofing off all the time. But then I have to support my food obsession somehow, right?  So welcome to my humble little blog where I document new recipes I try, share old recipes I love, and other things related to food and eating.

What is CAB?  CAB is an acronym for “Crazy Asian B—” where the ”B” can be beauty, bella, baker, broad or some other b-word. I’m sure whatever b-word you choose, it would most likely apply. Or you can just call me as Cabster like some of my friends.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and hope you enjoyed your visit! Comments always welcome and encouraged. Hope you come back soon!

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